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7 Neat Ways To Make Your Kratom Stronger

Usage & Effects
7 Neat Ways To Make Your Kratom Stronger

Kratom is one of the popular herbal alternatives that people turn to nowadays instead of medical treatments. The reason for this is its effectivity and availability in the market. It also is inexpensive as compared to medicinal drugs.

The kratom plant is used in Southeast countries to cure common ailments like headaches, coughs, cold and other chronic pains. It is also used as a sedative to improve sleep patterns. Today, it is mostly known as a high-inducing herb that relaxes the muscles and relieves stress.

It is available in different types and in a variety of colors – green, red, yellow, and white. You can take kratom as crushed or powdered leaves, or you can buy it in capsules. Chewing gums and vape juices are also available in the market for your preference.

Kratom Dosage

You can start with 1 to 3 grams of kratom per day. This is to help your body adjust and regulate the effects of the herb. When your body is adjusted, you can kick the dose up a notch until you find your balance.

Average users usually take 5 to 8 grams of kratom per day. This fair range offers users mild effects to relax muscles and help improve sleep.

People who need a higher dose of kratom is advised to limit intake to a maximum of up to 12 grams per day. This high dose is an effective sedative and an efficient pain reliever.

How To Make Kratom Stronger

If you want a more potent kratom without kicking your dosage up a notch, keep on reading.

Chamomile Tea

One of the most commonly used to make your kratom stronger is the chamomile tea. This tea has long been used to reduce anxiety and calm nerves. And with kratom mixed with chamomile tea, the relaxing factor is enhanced for a longer time frame.

Any other tea is okay to mix with kratom. Teas are widely known to help your body calm down and your muscles relax. Mixing teas with kratom allows your body to feel stronger effects with longer time length.

Peppermint tea, for example, is perfect for improving sleeping patterns. Mixed with kratom, this kind of tea would enhance its sedative effects so you can have a more comfortable sleep. With the wide variety of tea in the market, you can choose whichever you want.


7 Neat Ways To Make Your Kratom Stronger

A low dose of kratom means a shorter effective time before it wears off. Grapefruit may just be the solution if you don’t want to up your dose. This fruit is considered a strengthener so you can enjoy the effects of kratom for a long time.

Grapefruit also adds flavor to the bitter taste of kratom. It serves as a chaser to your kratom intake, which is why most people prefer this mixture.


Kratom and agmatine are one of the best mixtures. It has contradicting natures that enhance your strength and pain-relieving properties. Agmatine also has a suppressing feature that keeps your drug tolerance and dependence under control so you won’t be addicted to kratom.

Cayenne Pepper

If you want to spike the effects of kratom in your body within the usual time frame, then cayenne pepper is your new buddy. It strengthens the effects of kratom so you can feel more relaxed with less stress. Stronger effects, low dose, same time length.

Aside from the enhanced effects of kratom, the cayenne powder is perfect for those people who want detox. It allows you to cleanse your body of excess fats and other unhealthy substances within your body.

Black Pepper

Just like cayenne pepper, black pepper is known to enhance the effects of kratom in your body for about 300% more. It offers stronger effects at the same dose and time frame you have.

But before mixing this with your kratom, be sure that you’re not allergic to it or anything. It may cause a runny nose and itching if used in excess.


Kratom and coffee are somewhat identified to be of the same origins. Taking kratom to your morning cup of coffee will double the effects. It would make you feel energized and positive the entire day.

The downside to taking coffee with kratom is that it reduces the effects of sedative. You won’t be able to sleep easily because the coffee content would double the energizing properties of kratom so you would stay awake.


Magnesium is known to reduce long-term dependence on addictive substances. And since kratom has an addictive nature, taking it with magnesium would lessen herb and drug tolerance. So you can control and regulate your use of kratom without fear of going into an addictive state.

With all of these effective potent mixtures for kratom, you should still be careful when experimenting. Some other substances do not really go well with kratom. So you should do your own research before trying one.

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