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Facts About Premium Indo Kratom You Need to Know Now

Usage & Effects
Facts About Premium Indo Kratom You Need to Know Now

Indo Kratom got its name from Indonesia, the South Asian country where different varieties of kratom grow in abundance. Presently, Indonesia remains the biggest kratom exporter in the whole world. One of the most popular Indo strains is the Premium Indo Kratom.

What Makes Premium Indo Kratom Different?

Facts About Premium Indo Kratom You Need to Know Now

Premium Indo Kratom, just like Super Indo Kratom and Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom, has a name that signifies the specific method of harvesting done for this product.

As you know, the manufacturing process of all powdered kratom products involves actually harvesting leaves from kratom or Mitragyna speciosa trees. What mainly sets Premium Indo Kratom apart from other strains is the way it is harvested.

There is a very precise technique used which starts with the selection of only the best mature leaves of the kratom plant. As you can expect, this can be such a painstaking task, especially because only the leaves should be picked and no parts of the stem should be included. It is because the stem contains a significantly less amount of alkaloids.

Premium Indo Kratom is one of the best proofs that careful harvesting results in a high-quality kratom product. More than that, it proves that not only does a high level of alkaloid result in a more potent product, it also makes it a lot more useful.

What Are the Effects?

In general, Indonesian kratom offers a lot of benefits that are desired by most kratom users. Although they vary depending on the plant itself and the season, among other factors, there are some common characteristics. All Indo Kratom, including Premium Indo Kratom, offer the following benefits:

  • More Positive Mood

Premium Indo Kratom strains are also known for their mood-boosting effects which are due to the fact that they have a high level of 7-hydroxymitragynine. If you need to be in a better mood, then try Premium Indo Kratom, and you will surely appreciate its value.

  • Relief from Pain

Premium Indo is also prized by so many because of its incredible pain killing effects. Many compare it to Malaysian strains, although it is notable that the analgesic effects of this strain last longer than most other strains. You should, however, be careful not to take Premium Indo every single day because its sedating effects are also quite powerful.

  • Mental Clarity

Premium Kratom also offers a “clean” boost of energy and mental clarity, which is very helpful if you need to take on some strenuous tasks. If you are among those who need a little help focusing on what you need to accomplish, then you should consider taking this strain of kratom to get you through the busiest days.

  • Anxiety Relief

Stress and many other factors can contribute to anxiety and sometimes it is very easy just to give in and not do anything about it. It is also too easy to pop a synthetic drug like you are used to. Premium Indo has excellent sedative and analgesic properties, not to mention the mood-boosting characteristic that makes it one of the best strains to take for anxiety.

  • Alkaloid Content

There are about 40 different types of alkaloids found in Indonesian kratom leaves. More potent effects can be experienced when you take a kratom product with a higher content of these alkaloids. And because Premium Indo Kratom only includes leaves and not the stems which have a lower amount of alkaloid, you can be sure that you can also enjoy premium effects from this particular kratom strain.

What Your Dosage Plan Should Be

Dosage plays a crucial role in how effective, and more importantly, how safe kratom products are. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of Premium Indo, then you should follow this general guideline on how much kratom you should take:

  •    Threshold -2 grams to 4 grams
  •    Low – 3 grams to 5 grams
  •    Moderate – 4 grams to 8 grams
  •    High Dose – 8 grams to 15 grams

Note that this is for the low potency powders. It is especially important to know if you are new to taking kratom that you should begin with either a threshold dose or a low dose. This way you can avoid getting overwhelmed by its effects, and you can also prevent any side effects.

If you think you require more, then you can gradually increase your dosage. Additionally, you should also consider other important factors like your age and your weight, among others.

Premium Kratom truly deserves its name as it is one of the highest quality and most potent strains you can find today. Of course, it is a bonus that the prices you will get for this particular strain are not that high. You are really going to get more than your money’s worth.

If you are a new user looking for the best kratom products to try, do include Premium Indo Kratom. You will not regret it!

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