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Facts on Kratom Effects on Liver and Recommendations for Users

Usage & Effects
Facts on Kratom Effects on Liver and Recommendations for Users

If you have been searching regarding the harmful kratom effects on liver, you must be a responsible kratom user.

Apart from enjoying the overwhelming hype, one must also be aware of the adverse reactions. Regarding the use of kratom, read this article to know if your liver is under a serious threat.

Kratom Effects on Liver: Digging Up the Underlying Facts

If you’ll search online regarding the adverse effects of kratom, you would probably get into articles focusing only on the withdrawal and dependence drawbacks of taking kratom.

However, behind these common notions lay a critical post — the severe threat of kratom to the user’s liver.

Nobody can’t claim that the use of kratom will lead to the growth of cancer cells or acute liver injury. However, taking in too much of this Southeast Asian plant is more than detrimental.

If you want to learn how the liver works on kratom metabolism, continue reading.

Kratom Metabolism and the Significant Role of Liver

The liver is indeed a vital part of the system for it is responsible for the detoxifying blood and turning essential nutrients into its consumable forms. In the case of taking strains, the cytochrome p450 present in the liver is responsible for the complete metabolism of kratom.

If a person consumes kratom under the recommended dose, the liver cells known as hepatocytes will not be harmed, but if taken into a higher dose and continued use, reports affirmed that this would lead to acute liver injury or worse, growth of cancer cells.

If you want to know how to calculate the appropriate dose of kratom to avoid harming yourself, you must familiarize yourself first with the different types of kratom available in the market today.

Current Available Forms of Kratom and Their Respective Descriptions

Facts on Kratom Effects on Liver and Recommendations for Users

  •    Capsules. The kratom capsules are filled with either extracts or powder (fused in some suppliers). Since kratom tastes bitter in its natural form, most users turn to take kratom capsules. Aside from masking the bitter taste, capsules lead to faster effects than the other types.
  •     Resin/Extracts. There are only limited suppliers of extract or resin kratom since the demand for this variety is not as high as the capsules. This form of kratom is made from boiling kratom leaves in alcohol, citrus, or pure water to produce a concentrated strain.
  •    Raw Powder. This is by far the most easy-to-prepare product of kratom. You just have to take an ample number of kratom leaves and dry them under the sun. After thoroughly drying the leaves, you can now manually pound or mechanically grind the kratom leaves to make it powder in form.

These are the primary forms of kratom available in the market or online suppliers today. Kratom experts suggest that kratom newbies must use capsule kratom in their first two to three weeks to avoid adverse effects. If you are pro, the combination of these three will be just fine.

Since you already know the different forms, read on for the appropriate kratom dosages to avoid damaging your liver.

Recommended Kratom Dosages for Different Intents

  •    For Anxiety and Pain. Based on several Reddit reviews, taking 7-9 grams of kratom a day will surely defeat the onset of anxiety, or even paranoia in extreme cases.  Also, this dose is right for alleviating chronic body pains that have developed a tolerance with commercial analgesics.
  •    For Energy and Focus. If your goal is to feel like a ‘Superman’ for the entire day, then taking 3-6 grams of kratom daily is suited for you. This dosage is also proven to help you focus. Mixing kratom with grapefruit juice is also suggested to produce the maximum energy that will last until your next take of kratom.
  •    For Opiate Withdrawal.  If you want to get rid of the urge of taking an opiate, then start with taking 7-9 grams of kratom powder two to four times a day.

These are the facts that you must know so that you’ll not get into trouble in the latter days of taking kratom.

Always remember that suffering from harmful kratom effects on liver is only possible when you take more than what is needed. Also, take into consideration your built, age, and weight, as these affect the amount of kratom you can take.

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