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Guidelines on How to Take Kratom Capsules

Usage & Effects
Guidelines on How to Take Kratom Capsules

If you are here, you are probably a new kratom user because you are interested in knowing how to take kratom capsules. You also want to learn why the capsule form is the best option for novice users.

First of all, you might already know that kratom tastes bitter which is probably the reason why you opt for the capsule form. The bitterness is due to the alkaloid content of kratom. However, you do not want to get rid of these alkaloids because these are the reasons for its good effects.

Sadly, because of its bitter taste, it induces the feeling of vomiting and nausea. Therefore, the capsule is the best method for consuming kratom without tasting it directly.

Why Kratom Capsules for First-Time Users?

Guidelines on How to Take Kratom Capsules

There are plenty of advantages why first-time users should buy the herb in capsule form. Here are the following reasons:

  • You do not have to taste the real flavor of kratom.
  • You can easily measure the dosage.
  • You can take the capsules everywhere without making a mess.

You can consume it in the form of powder, tincture, or extract if you want to. However, you have to prepare your weighing scale when you want to use the powder form. Do more research when you want to use the extract or tincture.

Downsides of Consuming Kratom in Capsule Form

Even though the capsule form is convenient, there are still downsides in using it. One of them is that it will take more time to experience the effects of kratom.

It is because of the capsule itself. Most of the time, the capsule is made from an animal protein called gelatin.

When the kratom capsule gets into your body, the stomach enzymes and juices in the intestines will work together to digest it. Your body will absorb the capsule first which takes some time, before absorbing the kratom.

Once your digestive system starts working on the kratom component of the capsule, it is the only time you can feel the effects of kratom which is about 15 minutes after the intake.

If you want to feel the effects faster, you can do it by piercing some small holes in the capsule.  By doing it, you are allowing your body to digest the capsule and its kratom content at the same time. Therefore, it will give a faster effect.

Another downside is that buying kratom capsules is more expensive than buying the powder form. The standard capsule size is 00 which can only hold up to 0.5 grams. Therefore, it will require you to drink 10 00-sized kratom capsules just to feel the effects of the 5-gram kratom.

As a result, you will have to purchase a lot of capsules to reach the ideal weight of consumption.  Thankfully, there is an easy solution to this problem.

You just simply buy the powder and the empty capsules separately and manually make your kratom capsules. Purchasing the powder and capsules individually will cost less than buying the ready-made ones because you are the one who does the labor.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you might have a problem with the capsule caps since it is made from an animal protein. However, you can use the vegetable capsules instead.

The Right Dosage on How to Take Kratom Capsules

There is no standard dosage on kratom consumption, but you also have to make sure that you are taking in what your body can handle based on your tolerance level. Your body, weight, and gender can affect your tolerance level.

Finding the right dosage will ensure that you will not suffer the unpleasant side effects of kratom like vomiting and nausea.

If you do not know where to start, here are the guidelines for you if you are taking the 00-sized capsules:

  • If you want to experience the mild side effects, take 5 to 7 capsules. 2 grams is the usual starting point. Others can already feel the effects with 2 grams while the others have to take 5 grams in order to feel the mild effects.
  • If you want to experience the medium-intensity of effects, take 8 to 11 capsules.
  • 12 to 16 capsules for strong results.
  • 17 to 19 capsules for intensely strong effects.

If you have ever used opium before, then taking a higher dosage is how to take kratom capsules because you might have a higher tolerance level than the other individuals.

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