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Herbal Salvation Kratom Effects: Real or Not?

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Herbal Salvation Kratom Effects: Real or Not?

Herbal Salvation Kratom effects are more potent and stronger than other vendors are. But, who are the Herbal Salvation?

Herbal Salvation is one of the leading vendors of kratom. It is under the management of Viable Solutions LLC. The headquarters is in Nampa, Idaho.

This vendor is a small one employing 1 to 4 staff. Despite the shortage of staff, customer service is excellent. Customer satisfaction is quite high.

However, there is not much information found on their site.

Herbal Salvation Website

The site is quite confusing to use. When you click the shop tab, it will return a few options. When you click back after viewing one product, all products in the shop area appear.

Their search needs the exact keywords for the product to yield results. The site needs a lot of improvement and rearranging for ease of use.

Herbal Salvation has an active account in a forum site. In the forum, you can get updates and answers to concerns you might have.

Their FAQ is comprehensive. It contains a warning on how often the employees can get back to you when you have questions. The FAQ discusses all possible issues you might encounter while dealing with them.

Herbal Salvation Account Creation

Creation of an account is easy. Their user account interface is simple and easy to use. To register, you will need:

  • a username,
  • an email address, and
  • password.

The vendor will not accept orders from a guest account. So, create an account first before you can place your order.

Herbal Salvation Kratom Products

Herbal Salvation Kratom Effects: Real or Not?

This vendor has a variety of products. One of these products is kratom. Many kratom users prefer Herbal Salvation because of convenience and ease of use.

Unfortunately, direct search in their search bar about kratom is not possible. You have to do specific searches in Google to view a particular kratom strain. If you are going to order and view all kratom products, you can visit this link.

Herbal Salvation has a huge selection of almost all the kratom varieties. It has Thai Maeng Da, red vein varieties, green Borneo. They even sell the elusive gold reserve.

Product descriptions are not extensive. All kratom products have generalized descriptions. You will not get much information about the individual kratom strains.

Their kratom products undergo analysis for contamination. Herbal Salvation shares its certificate of analysis via secure cloud storage. The latest is September 2018.

New customers can order their sample pack, which starts at 125 grams for $13. This sample pack contains five strains at 25 grams each. You can choose from all the available strains in their inventory.

Returning customers can still order the sample pack, but their orders should contain other kratom products. Otherwise, Herbal Salvation will cancel an order without any notice.

Herbal Salvation Kratom Effects

According to users, HS products are of higher quality than any other online vendors are. The effects are much stronger than different kratom strains sold by other vendors.

Herbal Salvation revamps the versions of their products. This revision makes their kratom product more potent and more stimulating.

Users describe the strains from Herbal Salvation as their personal favorites. Users order from HS repeatedly because of its fast delivery and promos.

Herbal Salvation Controversy

The management issued a recall of lots of particular kratom products. These products were positive of Salmonella contamination.

Salmonella in kratom is dangerous to a person with a weakened immune system. It can lead to health complications and even death.

Since the recall, the vendor changed its supplier. This change makes the Herbal Salvation kratom effects stronger and more potent than their usual versions.

Herbal Salvation Pricing

The vendor’s pricing is a little pricier than other online kratom vendors. However, they offer discounts for orders paid in cryptocurrencies. Some qualified orders get 25 grams samples of different strains.

Given the positive reviews on the product, pricing is just appropriate. The cheapest of their product is the sample pack. Perhaps, this low price in the sample pack aims to entice new and repeat customers.


Herbal Salvation offers quality and tested products. Their pricing might be pricier than other vendors, but the quality makes up for the value spent.

The claimed effects are real. The degree only varies from user to user. You can try their sample pack to test whether the Herbal Salvation kratom effects are real or not.

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