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How to Smoke Kratom Powder: Dangerous or Safe

How to Smoke Kratom Powder: Dangerous or Safe

“How to smoke kratom powder in a safe way” is a question that some long-time kratom users have been asking. These people use kratom for recreational purposes.

Many people are curious. They want to know if kratom powder is safe for smoking.

Experimentation leads people to think of various ways to increase their experience with kratom. Others end up hurting themselves. Some manage to find excellent ways.

Before you decide to smoke kratom powder, be aware of the risks involved.

Risks of Smoking Kratom Powder

Many kratom users who smoke the powder or the leaves testify that smoking is inefficient. You need many grams of powder to achieve the minimum effect. Furthermore, you increase your risks for addiction, cancer, and other health risks.


Consuming kratom the traditional way is already addictive. If you smoke it, you will be increasing your risk.

Since you need more grams for the desired effect, you will overload your system with kratom metabolites. Your body can get rid kratom as fast as seven hours to as slow as two days.

Therefore, if you regularly smoke kratom, you’ll develop addiction in a short period. Decreasing the dosage will be difficult. Your body will crave for the constant euphoric feeling you get from smoking the herb.

Respiratory Damage

Kratom smoking is similar to cigarette smoking. You will be exposing your lungs to smoke. This exposure will wreak havoc on your respiratory system.

Indeed, kratom is a medicinal plant. Smoke is not a benefit that your lungs can endure.

Your lungs are for inhaling oxygen, not carbon dioxide. Smoking kratom or other substances are dangerous to your body. You are cutting off the supply to your brain and other body parts.

You risk inhaling the burned powder if you are not careful. At first, you would not notice the effect. In the long run, you will suffer the consequences.

Risk of Cancer Related Diseases

Kratom leaves have tar content. This tar content is much higher than a cigarette. If you smoke kratom, you will activate the tar components of the leaves.

In many studies, tar content is associated with a cancer-causing disease. As a result, you are increasing your risk of cancer.

Waste of Money

Since smoking kratom powder needs more than the recommended dosage, you will be wasting your money. A 10-gram pack costs around $5, depending on the strain. You will be spending more than $10 or higher for a single smoking session.

It is a waste of money, indeed. Moreover, you are forfeiting the purpose of kratom powder. You are wasting 20 grams of medicinal benefits in a fit of curiosity.

If you still want to experience smoking kratom powder, you can continue reading. Smoke at your own risk.

How to Smoke Kratom Powder

Smoking kratom is highly addictive. Possible health risk includes lung damage. If you are aware of these risks, you can proceed to smoke kratom powder.

Burning Kratom Powder with Charcoal

Is this even possible? In kratom language, burning kratom is a figurative speech. It means consuming the kratom powder in a slurry.

However, one user shared his experience. This user burned the powder with the use of charcoal.

The user dipped the thin metal strip to the kratom powder and burned it using charcoal. While the kratom powder is burning, he sniffed the smoke with a small tube.

Smoking With a Foil, a Bong or Joint

Burn the powder using an aluminum foil. You will need a candle or a lighter to burn it. Smoking kratom is a lot like smoking cannabis.

Tobacco and Kratom Powder

Some users combine kratom powder with a roll of tobacco. Before rolling a leaf of tobacco, sprinkle kratom powder.

Do not expect too much from this method. You will need at least 20 grams of powder extract to experience the minimum effect. Sprinkling kratom powder in one roll of tobacco will not be sufficient.

Tips in Smoking Kratom Powder

Kratom has a sedating effect. While smoking kratom powder, remember to take precautions.

  • Do not smoke near pillows, paper or any material that can catch fire quickly.
  • Drag and exhale. Do not hold the smoke for two seconds.
  • Draw the smoke in your mouth. Then, inhale with fresh oxygen.

Vaping Kratom: Another Alternative

The newest craze among kratom users is vaping. If you can’t stop thinking about smoking kratom powder, try vaping.

Vaping sellers claim that vape is a safer alternative than smoking kratom powder. There are no definitive studies to back this claim.

So far, users who vape kratom haven’t reported any adverse effect. If there are any reported effects, all are positive feedbacks.

For detailed information, you can check out this site.

Vaping Kratom and Safety

Vaping kratom is still risky. However, these risks are lesser than smoking kratom powder. To date, kratom users are crazy about the effects of vaping kratom.

Like consuming kratom powder, some users claim they experience the same effects. The dosage is close to the recommended dosage if taken in powder or capsule. The difference is the use of vaping tools and vaping juice.

For beginners, vaping kratom can give them the same euphoric effects if kratom is taken in powder. However, for people who have been using kratom for years, vaping or smoking is an expensive alternative.

Some longtime users who try vaping report that they experience lightheadedness. They are not sure if it’s the same euphoric or stimulating feeling. So far, these users don’t report any adverse effect.

How to Vape Kratom

How to Smoke Kratom Powder: Dangerous or Safe

You’ll need a special juice for vaping to experience the maximum effect. However, you can use kratom leaves you have at home. Extract the juice, and you can use it for vaping.

Alternatives to Smoking Kratom or Vaping

There are other ways to consume kratom. These ways have been the recommended methods since kratom became available to Western users.

  • Chewing the leaves
  • Taking kratom capsule
  • Dissolving the powder in water
  • Making it into tea with sweeteners to mask the bitter taste
  • Mixing kratom powder with food and beverages

Final Words

Kratom is best consumed in powder or capsule form. There is no safe way on how to smoke kratom powder.

If you decide to smoke kratom, try vaping. People who vape kratom so far have not reported any life-threatening side effect. You’ll be surprised to find vape kratom parlors in some states.

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