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Is Krabot a Legit and High-Quality Kratom Online Vendor?

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Is Krabot a Legit and High-Quality Kratom Online Vendor?

Krabot is one of the newly discovered kratom vendors, which operates in Chino Hills, California. Even though they are a bit far, the products of this vendor are becoming famous because of its substantial social media presence. Moreover, there are many positive posts about it on Reddit threads.

You might be wondering if this vendor is legit. In this article, we will explore the vendor’s product line and its reputation to customers. Once you are done with reading, you will have an idea of how good the products of this vendor are.

What are the products of Krabot?

Is Krabot a Legit and High-Quality Kratom Online Vendor?

Krabot is different from other vendors on the market because they can offer you a lot of kratom strains and products. They pride in their unique strains like the Green Sundanese (OG), which is a green vein kratom powder. Aside from that strain, their Rising Sun strain, which is Yellow Vietnamese strain, is also very famous.

Recently, they have added more products like the Krabot Evening Blend. It is specially developed and made with the mixture of Red Buntuangie, Red Bali, Red Sumatra, and a few amounts of Yellow Bali. This strain is considered to have 100-micron fasting acting grind.

They also have standard kratom strains like Red Horn, Red Kali, Red Hulu, Green Malay, Green Bali, Bali Gold, and Green Maeng Da.

However, the strains that would interest you the most are the Red Bentuangie and Red Jongkong. They sell both of those strains in 100-gram packs.

Just like other vendors on the market, this company also sells kratom capsules. The only difference is other vendors only sell kratom capsules of the traditional strains while this vendor can offer you capsules on a wide variety of strains. They even have a kratom capsule of their signature strain, which is the Morning Blend.

They also have Vein and Stem capsules. Moreover, their capsules have 1,000 milligrams content of kratom powder.

If this is your first time to purchase from this vendor, it might be fascinating to know that they can offer you sample packs.

Unfortunately, their sample packs are not always available because it is always sold out. This can be a good sign that this vendor has an excellent customer reputation. If their products are selling out, it means that they have high-quality products.

If ever their sample packs are available, you can avail of a 10-strain sample pack that is in four different sizes. The extra-large sample package contains premium kratom strains amounting to 2,000 grams.

If you are a kratom enthusiast, you might be interested in purchasing their kratom soap. It is a unique product that you won’t usually find in other vendors.

Each kratom soap bar is homemade and processed through a method called cold process. It contains only natural ingredients.

The excellent thing is the variety since there are a lot of kratom soaps available like Naked, Coffee Cream and Cocoa, and Frankincense. Those soaps are made with a mixture of sodium hydroxide, distilled water, grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, and coconut oil.

If their kratom soaps are sold out, you can always ask their customer service about when stocks will be available again.

Aside from kratom capsule, powder, and soap, Krabot also sells kratom tea. Their tea is very soothing and is made from the Maeng Da strain. If you are tired of using kratom powder for making tea, then you will probably love this kratom tea since you won’t need to toss and wash it.

The company is very active in advertising their upcoming products. Just go to their website to know what are the products that will be available in their store in the future. Recently, they announced that they would add Black Tea Blends to their product line.

If you are a kratom user, you might already know that accessories are essential for every kratom enthusiast. If you want to purchase accessories from this vendor, you can check their miscellaneous section. You can see their inexpensive measuring spoons and digital pocket scales for sale.

Since there are many positive comments about Krabot, we can safely say that they are legit and a high-quality online kratom vendor. This vendor can offer you a wide array of products and incentives if you are a returning customer.

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