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Know the Answers to Kratom Pregnancy Questions

Usage & Effects
Know the Answers to Kratom Pregnancy Questions

Pregnancy is a happy moment in a woman’s life. Often, these mothers-to-be take every measure to ensure that their child is healthy.

But, what if you’re using kratom when you get pregnant? What would be the harmful effects or benefits on the baby? Should you continue or stop taking kratom?

What are the possible kratom pregnancy effects?

To females who are using kratom and are pregnant, it’s advisable to stop taking kratom for the time being to decrease the risks of congenital disabilities. Although kratom has many benefits to a person, it might not be the same with your unborn child.

Since other users claim that kratom can be addictive, you can pass this dependency on your baby. It’s the same if you’re taking other substances aside from kratom.

Are there clinical studies to ascertain the effects of kratom on an unborn child?

Scientific studies to back up claims of congenital disabilities caused by kratom are scarce. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe for your baby.

Although kratom is generally safe, its effect on babies and pregnant women are unknown. No clinical studies are also present as of this writing to assure pregnant women that kratom is safe for your baby.

Since kratom is classified as supplements (and a possible drug of abuse in FDA list), use and distribution of this substance are not regulated.

If there are some things you should be afraid of, these things should be salmonella contamination and pesticides residue.

Although kratom vendors guarantee the quality of their products, it would be better if you refrain from using kratom while you’re pregnant.

What are the components in kratom that are harmful to an unborn baby?

Know the Answers to Kratom Pregnancy Questions

You and your baby undergo a lot of changes since day 1 and for nine months. Your well-being and diet are crucial to the development of your baby.

If you eat right, your baby will have a better chance of being born healthy. If you are dependent on specific drugs or substances, your baby might inherit such dependency.

Since there are no studies about the harmful components of kratom, many pregnant women are panicking once they found out they’re pregnant. They’re not sure whether kratom is beneficial on the baby or not.

Here are the two primary components of kratom to give you an idea:

  • Mitragynine
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine

These alkaloids interact with the mu opioid receptor of your brain. Once these components reach and react with your brain, you don’t feel any pain. Sedation often follows.

Since kratom has analgesic effects on people, pregnant women might have trouble feeling any pain that can endanger their unborn child.

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to be aware of your body’s responses to your baby. Taking kratom during pregnancy can distort any feeling you have.

Should you consult your ob-gyn about your kratom usage?

If you aren’t sure what to do, consult your gynecologist about your kratom consumption. Your doctor can help you find a better and safer alternative to help you manage your pain or medical conditions.

However, some doctors might not be aware of kratom and its effects. So, if your gynecologist doesn’t know about it and you’re hesitant about continuing the use of kratom, find a doctor who does and knows what to tell you during your pregnancy.

Tips on a Healthy Pregnancy

  • Stop taking kratom the cold turkey.
  • Eat nutritious food and drinks plenty of water.
  • Find safer alternatives for your medical conditions.

What is a cold turkey concerning kratom?

This method refers to the cutting off kratom from your system abruptly. This method is the safest way to ensure that your baby doesn’t develop congenital disabilities during your term.

Tapering down isn’t advisable. Exposing your baby to kratom pregnancy effects increases the risks of developing congenital disabilities.

You must consult with your doctor every time you take any medication or substance not back up by clinical studies.

Final Thoughts

The first nine months of your baby is crucial to his/her development. If you make the wrong decisions during your pregnancy term, you might regret it for the rest of your life. The worst part, your baby suffers the brunt of that decision.

So, for the safety of your baby and your health, stop any supplement not recommended by your doctor. It doesn’t matter if many users claim that this supplement has great medicinal benefits. Your baby matters most at this time of your life.

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