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Kratom and Sleep: What is the Best Kratom for Sleep?

Usage & Effects
Kratom and Sleep: What is the Best Kratom for Sleep?

The kratom plant became very popular because of its sedative properties. Individuals who have tried using this product know the many excellent benefits of kratom. This product can fight addiction to opium and can relieve pain.

Moreover, kratom can also treat insomnia. This condition is very irritating and can result in failure to handle stressful events, reduced functionality, and mood deterioration.

Fortunately, nature has given a natural remedy to insomnia and other conditions, and it is very abundant in South East Asia. It is called kratom or also known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It can be the perfect product to start your day right or to end your day with peaceful sleep.

What are the kratom strains that can aid sleeping?

Choosing the appropriate strain of kratom is essential so that you will get your desired result which is treating insomnia. Different regions in the world have wide varieties of kratom strains. It can be a bit difficult to pick the appropriate kratom strain because of the myriad of options.

The best kratom for sleep is the red-veined kratom strains like the Red Bali, Red Borneo, and Red Sumatra. Those strains can improve your sleep and give you sedating effects when you use it at nighttime.

Here are the strains that you can use to aid sleep:

  • Red Sumatra

This kratom strain grows abundantly on an island called Sumatra. Sumatra is a part of Indonesia and is one of the biggest populated islands in the planet.

It is available in different kratom forms which can intensify its effects for both your mind and your body. More than 50 million of the people in Sumatra have been using this therapeutic plant every day to help them with stress and in getting peaceful sleep.

  • Red Bali

This strain is a well-known kratom strain. Compared to the red vein Thai kratom, it has a more relaxing result. It is perfect for individuals who have a stressful or hectic everyday schedule.

If you use this strain before going to sleep, you will feel your body calming down, and you will wake up tension free and fresh the next day. It also has pain-relieving effects that can be helpful in relaxing a person. If you overthink, you may experience a stress-related headache or a migraine which this strain can efficiently treat.

This kratom strain came from Indonesia, specifically in the island called Bali. It has sedative, anxiolytic, and analgesic properties that when combined can give you a good night sleep. This strain is the perfect natural alternative to use instead of sleeping pills.

  • Red Borneo

Borneo ranks third in the list of the biggest island in the whole world. It is the neighboring country of Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In this island, you can find three kratom types: white, green and red.

The red Borneo is the Borneo kratom strain with red-veined leaves. It has a relaxing and soothing property that can help in getting sound sleep.

If you use this strain on a regular basis, you will experience improved performance, boosted energy level, eased the pain, happier mood, reduced stress, and improved mood. All those effects can lead to a peaceful sleep. In connection to that, this strain is ideal for treating irregular sleep patterns as well as insomnia.

How can red strains treat insomnia?

Kratom and Sleep: What is the Best Kratom for Sleep?

Before you use those strains to treat your sleeping conditions, you should know first how kratom works. There are different ways that red-veined kratom strains that can help you sleep. Kratom leaves are rich in natural plant compounds that are known as alkaloids.

These components or alkaloids make communication with your body and mind’s inner function possible. The binding of the alkaloids with your body cells’ adrenoreceptors can activate the signaling pathway in your brain and treat insomnia.

  • Stress Relief

The reason that you have insomnia is that of stress and anxiety. Kratom can provide stress relief which can then help you fall asleep. It will become more comfortable to sleep if you don’t feel stressed.

  • Sedation

Red kratom strains can provide sedation effects. Sedation and stress relief can help you get peaceful sleep at night.

  • Physical Comfort

Kratom has a high content of hydroxymitragynine which can help you in achieving physical comfort. If you feel comfortable, then you’ll inevitably fall asleep easier.

The best kratom for sleep is the red-veined kratom strains. However, remember that you should avoid overdosage.

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