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Kratom Cats: Potential Kratom Safe Haven or Not?

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Kratom Cats: Potential Kratom Safe Haven or Not?

Online Kratom Stores have become the easy go-to for any kratom fan and user planning to get themselves their favourite batch of kratom products. But with so many coming up on the horizon, it really begs the question if any of the newer stores provide better quality than the longstanding veterans. If trying something new is good for everybody, then does that mean we should give all the other online kratom stores a try ourselves?

To help with this endeavor, we have made it our missions to begin searching and digging through all the evidence surrounding every online kratom store that we could possibly find. All in the hopes of making your kratom experience all the more satisfying and much more worth it as you are guaranteed to get the best for your buck and nothing ever short of the best. Today we will be discussing a small-time online kratom store that has been getting some action and raising some eyebrows recently regarding its potential to grow in the herbal supplement market.

Today we will be discussing none other than the Kratom Cats, and we will be diving deep into customer reviews until we sink in knowledge!

What Makes Kratom Cats So Different Among Others?

Kratom Cats: Potential Kratom Safe Haven or Not?

Kratom Cats is currently quite a small company and is in no hurry to change this fact too because it has become one of their main selling points to drive their business forward. The smaller company has allowed them to provide more focus to their loyal customer base and give them a more professional customer service to detail them with all the help they can get. This has allowed plenty a niche to come and get their kratom products from Kratom Cats because the readily available and informed customer service was much appreciated by its customers.

This allowed the company to rise above its station and become a leading contender among other online kratom stores for being quite the entrepreneurial mindset at the current time. This made customer service all the more important for other online kratom vendors who were competing in the same field of expertise to one-up each other. Kcats though held a strong foothold to this idea and somehow maintained the brand recognition for great customer service.

What Quality Kratom Products Do They Have to Offer?

Unlike other online kratom stores, they have quite the weird categories for their kratom products, as they opted to identify with origin rather than through coloured veins. While any kratom veteran and even any informed kratom newbie will tell you that the most definitive way of differentiating is through colour, there isn’t much a say we have on Kratom Cats.

Their kratom products are evenly spread among the three Southeast Asian Nations; Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Each then being subdivided into Super, De-veined, and Enhanced kratom products for their customers to choose from. This complementary nature of categorizing has caused the rise of the following problems for the company:

  • Very Confusing: it has become quite hard to manage and organize through their website as it is far from being similar to all the more popular choices. They deserve props for the innovation but this road they take is surely one that will not lead to prosperity,
  • Wrong: to most people not being able to see the colour divisions of the kratom is just downright wrong and illogical not to put in; which has made Kcats all the more untrustworthy.
  • Lack of Information: as a result of the weird representation of their kratom product line, it has also led to the extreme lack of information among the products they sell. This, in turn, makes it even less appealing to buy from Kratom Cats as there are several things that feel unfinished and left undone.

Anything More About Them That We Should Be Aware?

We may have applauded them for their expertise in the field of providing very good customer service but in recent reviews, the company has seen quite the drop in popularity among customers. Many have begun reporting that their customer service has become quite shabby and irritable making what made Kratom Cats so popular starting to crumble at their feet. One loyal customer even noted that they lost his loyalty because of the sheer lack of attention and care that was taken away from him.

Overall, Kratom Cats has become quite the 50/50 online kratom store with the problems it is currently facing. It is certainly not the best and could do better for itself, but not entirely bad that it doesn’t get your vote of approval to give it a try.

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