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Kratom Dosage Guide: How Much Kratom Should I Take?

Usage & Effects
Kratom Dosage Guide: How Much Kratom Should I Take?

Kratom originated from Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia. For centuries, natives in those countries used kratom as a cure for common ailments like a migraine, headache, chronic and acute pain.

It is also used to help people who are suffering from insomnia to sleep and improve their sleeping patterns. A higher dose of kratom can be used as a natural sedative to put even animals to sleep. With its relaxing properties, kratom is perfect for people who have anxiety and are in stressful situations.

Aside from its health advantages, kratom also has high-inducing effects that are the same as opium, marijuana, and heroin. Because of this, there are some states that banned the use of kratom within their borders. However, FDA hasn’t made kratom illegal in the country since it still lacks research.

Even if kratom is still under controversy, more people are enamored to try this medicinal herb. Since it is less expensive than that of hospital treatments and medicines, its effectiveness has spread through word of mouth in herbal communities.

There are various types of kratom in the market that has specific properties used for different purpose. Green kratom strains are known for their energetic properties and red kratom strains are pain relievers. White kratom strains, on the other hand, are perfect for sedation.

Powdered and crushed kratom leaves are available in the market for people who are exercising the toss-and-wash method, as well as for tea-making. Capsuled kratom is the most common type in the market because it’s easier to take. More creative types of kratom like chewing gums and vape juices have emerged over the years.

Basic Dosage Guide

Kratom Dosage Guide: How Much Kratom Should I Take?

One of the main questions that people are asking is, “How much kratom should they take?”

The answer is, “How much can your body take?”

For beginners, it is wise to start with a small dose of kratom on your first take. You can up your dose and kick it up a notch when your body gets used to the effects. It is a matter of finding the right balance that your body can handle to give you the optimum kratom effect.

Since there is no exact list of how much kratom should you take, the list depends on how you take it. Powdered and crushed kratom leaves have different potency. So it may be a challenge for you when experimenting on the right dosage.

Capsuled and tablet kratoms, on the other hand, already comes measured when they are being sold in the market. So you won’t have a hard time trying to figure out the dose that your body can handle.

How To Measure Powdered Kratom

Powdered kratom is usually measured by an electronic scale for a more exact dose. But if you don’t have this scale at home, you can easily grab a teaspoon and tablespoon to measure your dose.

How Many Grams In A Teaspoon Of Kratom?

The basic thing you have to know when measuring kratom using a teaspoon is that is measures around 3.8 to 4 grams. Technically, this range is the average dosage for common kratom users. It means that a teaspoon of powdered kratom will immediately have an effect on its user.

A teaspoon of kratom would give you the balanced effect you need to survive a stressful day. It would also calm and relax your nerves so you won’t have to deal with pain. It might even lull you to sleep with its sedative effects.

Imagine what a tablespoon of kratom would do to your body if you based it on that measurement. A tablespoon equals to three times the measure of a teaspoon. That would be around 10 to 12 grams of kratom.

With the quantity of that range, kratom is at its high level to extreme dose. There are only a few people who can handle kratom in this level, and those people are suffering from intense pain or anxiety. Some of them are also suffering from insomnia.

With this high dose, a tablespoon of kratom would have a very potent sedative effect on its user. You would be feeling the high effects of kratom that would last for long hours. At this rate, you would be risking addiction to kratom.

One of the disadvantages of measuring kratom using a teaspoon or tablespoon is that you can’t really have an exact amount. It is either more or less the measurement that you want, so you have to be very careful.

Exceeding the required dose of kratom would be dangerous for your body and may even cause death. So you should find the balance that your body can handle.

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