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Kratom Intake: How Long Does It Take for Kratom To Kick In

Usage & Effects
Kratom Intake: How Long Does It Take for Kratom To Kick In

You’d probably asked the question, “how long does it take for Kratom to kick in?” That’s a common question for everyone especially beginners.

Just like any substance, the onset is always the first thing you should know. Why? It’s because it can help you determine how much Kratom you can handle.

Of course, too much Kratom might overwhelm your system especially if you’re a beginner. Also, knowing the onset is important if you’re not patient.

Yes, impatience might trigger you to take a lot of Kratom. So, you better continue reading this article if you’re still new to this substance.

So How Long Does It Take for Kratom To Kick In?

The onset depends if you’re full or not. On an empty stomach, you’d most probably feel the full effect for around 30 to 40 minutes. On a full stomach, it will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

But, the onset starts around 10 to 15 minutes of intake. Depending on the dose, the feeling that Kratom induces will last for at least an hour. So, you better know your treatments.

Do You Know Your Doses?

Kratom Intake: How Long Does It Take for Kratom To Kick In

In the previous paragraph, we talked about the onset. Now, we will also talk about the dosage. Why? The dose affects the feeling you want to achieve.

On smaller doses, the effect it can give the body can last up to two hours, and eight hours if at higher doses.

More or less, the dosage influences the length of time Kratom affects your body. As a responsible user of this substance, you should take note the doses that you think are suited to your needs, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

What Are the Effects of Different Dosages?

You might be wondering, whether you’re a beginner or a user trying to experience a higher dose, what would be the effect of different dosages.

Well, here’s a cheat sheet for you.

  • Two to four grams – stimulating effects (may induce a feeling of euphoria that relieves feelings of anxiety and depression)
  • Four to six grams – medium effects (may induce minimal analgesic effects or pain-relieving effects, stimulant and sedative effects)
  • Six to eight grams – strong effects (may induce strong analgesic effects, stimulant and sedative effects)
  • Eight grams or higher – very strong effects (may induce unhealthy and dangerous effects on the body. This dose is not recommended)

Two to four grams is a basic and newbie dosage. However, you may come to love this dosage since it is good for recreational users.

Four to six grams is best for those who use Kratom for medicinal purposes. Those who suffer from chronic pain may use Kratom for its analgesic effects. However, it may also help with those people suffering from diseases that can only be relieved with stimulants.

Six to eight grams brings strong effects. For medicinal use, it should only be used if pain can’t be alleviated. For recreational use, you should not always take this dosage.

Eight grams or higher is not recommended. Too much might cause harm to your body. Always remember that your health is your priority.

What Mode of Ingestion of Kratom Should I Use?

Do you want a fast effect? Take the powder form. The body can easily absorb the powder form.

The capsule form may take some time since the stomach needs to dissolve the capsule first before Kratom. However, don’t think the Kratom capsule produces lesser effects than powder form.

It is recommended however to use Kratom capsules because of portability and ease of use. You don’t have to suffer the unpleasant taste of the herb.

Do You Develop Tolerance For Kratom?

The answer is straight for this: yes. Just like liquor, tolerance for substances builds over time. This tolerance is called the Stagnant Strain Syndrome (SSS).

Using a Kratom strain for quite some time may develop the SSS. Some users have reported feeling some tolerance after using a certain strain of Kratom for a couple of days, and some even say for weeks.

This is not an exact science, but don’t opt for a higher dose immediately. Observe first before doing something.

Now that you know the onset of Kratom, what dose would you like to try now? But remember, be careful and alert all the time!

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