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Kratom King Gold Reserve: a Hoax or Genuine

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Kratom King Gold Reserve: a Hoax or Genuine

Kratom king gold reserve is another strain of kratom. This strain has a stronger effect than the other strains. Furthermore, this strain is a premium type and more enhanced than the regular kratom.

Not all kratom sites offer gold reserve. The reason for limited stocks is the difficulty of extracting it. Extraction requires an additional process.

Kratom Gold Extraction

To achieve the potency of the gold extract, manufacturers have to combine two or three extracts. This combination makes the final product more potent than the other extracts.

This gold reserve is an “extract of extracts.”  Usually, this enhanced strain is from Indonesia, where most premium or enhanced varieties come.

Kratom Gold Composition

Kratom King Gold Reserve: a Hoax or Genuine

Usually, the gold reserve contains 60% to 90% of the alkaloids present in a kratom leaf. Thus, this enhanced strain is highly potent.

Some kratom sites often indicate the potency as one half for every gram. Meaning, you’ll get 50% of the intended effect for each gram. So, it would take as little as 0.12 gram for you to experience mild kratom effects.

Kratom Gold Dosage

Since the kratom king gold reserve is highly potent, keep the dosage at the minimum. The recommended dosage is 0.15 gram for a mild effect. For a stronger effect, you’ll need 0.20 gram.

If you’re taking kratom gold capsule, limit your intake to one capsule a day with 250mg. However, most of the kratom gold capsules available are set at 500mg.

Take the kratom gold capsule once a week or at least once a month.

Effects of Kratom Gold Reserve

You can observe the effect within 10 minutes after taking the capsule or drinking the kratom tea. Effects of this strain often last for six hours, max.

Would taking higher dosage prolong the effect? Unfortunately, the answer is no. This type of strain is fast-acting.

You can feel the effect quickly. Thus, the effect doesn’t last that long even if you increase the dosage. Increasing the dosage would only put you at risk of addiction.

Gold kratom is believed to have analgesic properties. It can relieve pain. This variety acts like anesthesia but at a lesser effect.

It has stimulating properties. At a low dosage, the strain is quite stimulating. You can feel the desire to work even though you think your energy is at the lowest before taking the extract.

When taken at a high dosage, you can feel its sedative effects. You’ll get a full night sleep, waking up invigorated and refreshed.

Side Effects of Kratom Gold

You can experience side effects if you take kratom gold reserve at a high dosage. Side effects often include nausea or even vomiting.

The long-term effect of taking kratom gold is an addiction to the herb. Remember, this strain contains 90% alkaloids, making it highly potent.

Ways of Consuming Gold Kratom

You can mix kratom gold powder with your smoothie or juice. Others would mix it with hot liquid to enhance its extra power.

You can potentiate the extract by mixing it with your morning coffee for an extra kick. Avoid dairy milk as this might inhibit the effects of the kratom gold reserve.

You can cycle kratom gold with other strains to avoid developing a dependency on the extract.

Is Kratom King Gold Reserve a Hoax?

Many controversies are surrounding this brand. Some say it is worthless and just some sort of marketing. Others say it is more potent than the other strains.

To answer this question, you’ll have to try the product. Information about this enhanced strain is limited. It’s hard to get any real facts on its effects on a person.

If you want to learn more, you’ll have to visit forums. However, opinions vary so much that they confuse new users more than giving a concrete answer. The bottom line is to try out some free samples.

Where to Get Free Samples?

Unfortunately, getting free samples of the gold reserve is not easy. One, this gold extract is limited. Only a few sites sell this extract.

If you want to try it, you’ll have to buy the product. You can look for sites that offer 5g pack gold reserve. Often, the gold reserve extract is around $3 to $5 for every pack.


Kratom gold is very potent. It contains 90% alkaloids, making it highly addictive. Avoid addiction by taking the kratom king gold reserve at least once a month.

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