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Lucky Kratom Review: Is Its Products Worth Your Money?

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Lucky Kratom Review: Is Its Products Worth Your Money?

In this Lucky Kratom review, you will get to know another kratom company who has established its name on Facebook and other social media platforms. Although this company has established its popularity through extravagant marketing campaigns and claims, are their products worth your money? This is the question this kratom vendor review will answer.

Lucky Kratom Company

Lucky Kratom Review: Is Its Products Worth Your Money?

Their company or online store is nowhere to be found as of this moment. However, they are selling posers, liquid extracts, and jumbo capsules. The information on the processes that their products had to undergo through is a mystery.

It is difficult to tell if their products are high in quality. In fact, a lot of users are talking bad about this company.

Packaging and Marketing Campaigns

If there is something that the Lucky Kratom is good at, it is going to be their company’s marketing strategy. First of all the packaging of their product is catchy because of its retro appearance.

On the other hand, the packaging or their products contain less valuable information. One user from Reddit who bought a product from them said that the font on the description of the product is small and difficult to read. This user said that he could not read it.

Also, the possible reason that the Lucky Kratom became hype is the claims that they tag along with their product. They claim that their products are extremely strong. One example is the claim that an ounce of their tincture is equivalent to the 36 grams of kratom Maeng Da.

They claim that their extracts are 30 times stronger even though it is impossible to acquire the extract strength beyond the 20 times.

Even though, there are a lot of flaws and exaggerated claims on their product. The Lucky Kratom has established its brand on social media.


If you do not have enough money to splurge on your daily dose of kratom, it is advisable to stay away from the Lucky Kratom products. A lot of users say that their products are extremely overpriced. Most of their kratoms are available twice the price of their competitors.

The common $10 25 grams of Red Vein Borneo kratom from the other companies is almost $28 on Lucky Kratom.


Currently, it is unknown if the Lucky Kratom is still operating. Their website and social media accounts are nowhere to be found.

However, you can still see some of their products being sold in some online kratom vendors and vape shops.

Lucky Kratom Review of Other Users

Many users do not have anything positive to say on this company except that the company is convincing especially to the first time kratom users. The company has been using its social media account to lure the new kratom users to buy products from them.

Their products’ price is extremely high. New kratom users may fall into the pitfall of buying their overpriced products because of the company’s persuasion ability on social media.

There is also one user on Reddit who claims that he received a mislabeled product. He received powdered kratom when he thought that he bought an extract.

Red Flags

Telltale signs of the questionable trustworthiness of this company.

  • One of the signs of fraud is the way they present their products to their market. Their Maeng Da Full Spectrum only contains two capsules per package. Their Full-Spectrum-Alkaloid Capsules have three.

What is even more surprising is how the company puts a price on these products. These products are available for $16 to $26.

You cannot put the blame of the buyers because the way how the company presents their product in a picture is extremely large. It is understandable that anyone who can see it may assume that the package of the product may contain lots of capsules.

  • The owner, Michael Pilney, of the Lucky Kratom had been charged for murder attempt to his previous employee, Wesley Todd. There were allegations that Pilney tried to bribe the DEA agents with cocaine to murder Todd.

Currently, the owner is free because of the $800,000 bond he posed. According to the authorities, they also found out that Pilney had illegal drugs in his home.

For this reason, if you are a supporter of kratom and against the connotations that kratom is a drug, you should stay away from Pilney’s company.

  • The exaggerated claims are also considered a sign. Only scammers make unbelievable claims just to sell their products.
  • Their overpriced products need no further explanation. If you are an experienced kratom user and aware of the other options, you know that the Lucky Kratom was into something.


This Lucky Kratom review does not intend to drag the company down. This review is just based on how the users perceive the company and how the company prices its products compared to its competitors.

As a result, you can find other online kratom vendors that can offer high-quality products at a very affordable price. As much as possible, go for a better alternative.

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