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Papua Kratom: One of the Most Underrated Kratom Strain

Papua Kratom: One of the Most Underrated Kratom Strain

Papua Kratom is a strain from the Island of New Guinea in Indonesia. Kratom strains come from Southeast Asia. Almost every kratom strain comes from Indonesia.  Kratom grows in the nearby islands of Indonesia. Papua, just like most Kratom strains is an Indonesian strain.

The west and east sides of the island of New Guinea in Indonesia have loads of different Kratom plant types. The west side of the island is famous for their Indo Kratom. The east side of the island is renowned for its green Papua strain.

Most of the Kratom strains you find in the market today are from Indonesia. Small amounts of Kratom strains also come from Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. All these regions grow Kratom trees with red, green and white leaves.

In Indonesia, most of the Kratom strains come from the islands of Papua, Kalimantan (Borneo) and Sumatra.

Papua Kratom is one of the most underrated Kratom strains. The island of New Guinea located between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia has the ideal conditions for Kratom growth thus all Papua strains have excellent quality.

If you would like to try the Papua Kratom, it would be best to consult your doctor as this powder may interact with other medications you are currently taking.

Types of Papua Kratom

  • Green Papua

Green papua may be uncommon, but it possesses mild and subdued effects. Many people regularly use green papua preferring this strain over other opiates such as heroin and cannabis.

Green Papua Kratom offers an ideal blend of a chilling mood and clean energy. This Kratom strain offers euphoric and sedating effects making it suitable for general contentment and relaxation.

Some users claim that green papua has stimulating effects. Some users also say it allows them to have more focus.

Green papua is also a pain reliever although it is not as effective as other kratom strains in this department. When you take this strain, you will experience less fatigue as compared to different sedating strains.

Taking 2 to 3 grams of green papua powder will immediately allow you to experience its effects. You can increase your dosage if you feel it is not sufficient to meet your desired results.

Papua Kratom: One of the Most Underrated Kratom Strain

You can take a lesser dose when you are just starting to take green papua powder to prevent experiencing adverse effects.

Taking green papua will offer you excellent effects. It is a strain that will elevate your mood and make you more relaxed without being overly invasive. It provides an average duration.

  • Red Papua

Red papua is also grown and harvested in New Guinea. It is similar but more potent than green papua. This kratom strain is scarce and difficult to find.

This Kratom strain offers sedating and euphoric effects. It can relax your mind and body as well as elevate your mood. Being a red strain, it is somewhat stable in the area of pain relief. This strain, however, may help you deal with your insomnia, restlessness or anxiety.

Red papua is not as fatiguing as other red strains while offering pain relief, mood elevation and relaxation effects. It is recommended to take this strain at night because it can be fatiguing to take a high dose of over 5 grams.

  • White Papua

White papua is the most energetic strain originating from Papua. It offers a clean feel with its white color and unique aroma.  Aroma comes from young green veins (source of the white veins) consisting of alkaloids not found in other strains.

This Kratom variety comes with a relatively short duration.

Colors Kratom Leaves

You may have come to know Kratom as having numerous types of strains. The truth is, Kratom only has three types of strains – white, green and red. (https://katsbotanicals.com/kats-kratom-guidebook/strains-kratom-powder/)  The names are the specific the color of the veins in the leaves.

The color of the veins in the Kratom leaves determines the effect the Kratom strain will have on your body and mind. Each color has its specific chemical composition and correspondingly, its corresponding results. (http://cbdkratomshops.com/2017/11/09/why-are-there-different-colors-of-kratom/).

One Kratom tree may have veins coming in all three colors. Some leaves may only have just one color. Kratom leaves change colors as seasons, and environmental conditions change. The veins of Kratom leaves most get their colors based on the drying process.

What’s In a Name?

If there are only three types of Kratom strains, why are there so many Kratom strain options?

  • Suppliers include the region where the Kratom strain came from in naming a specific Kratom strain. Papua Kratom strain means this type of strain came from the island of Papua, New Guinea, Indonesia.
  • Suppliers also sometimes include the name of the farmer in the Kratom strain name to differentiate one from another.
  • Suppliers also sometimes mix leaves coming from several farmers or combine differently collared leaves and give the strain unique names.

Most strains, however, are named after the origin of the Kratom,

Many websites sell Papua Kratom. It is crucial that you read customer reviews and do some research to ensure you are buying from a reliable dealer.

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