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Side effects of kratom tea

Side effects of kratom tea

Side effects of kratom tea

Kratom tea is becoming popular among the users of kratom powder. Initially, kratom capsules were a bit popular, but due to the high prices of the capsules, users shifted to kratom powder. Now the powder is bitter and the popular toss and wash method id scaring most people, something that has led to the preference of the kratom tea. Before taking kratom tea, one may be tempted to ask if there are side effects he or she should expect when taking the tea. Well, kratom generally has side effects but which are only evident when taken in a wrong way. We cannot deny that you will not feel any side effect when you take it in tea form. There are a few side effects which are bearable and can be prevented. Let’s have a look!

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It may lower your appetite

Users have reported that taking kratom tea may decrease the appetite of the user. Most users out of these side effects tend to feel that all that they need to feed on is kratom tea. They do not feel like eating something else. Therefore, as a user, you should discipline yourself and eat even if you do not feel like. Kratom tea should never replace food in your life. The caffeine in kratom can end up dehydrating you is you do not eat any other food due to its alkaloid content.

May cause euphoria

Well, some people take kratom to get happiness. However, if you are taking kratom tea for pain relief, mood boost, or concentration, you do not need the euphoric effects. When you take kratom tea in large quantity, you may end up feeling euphoric, and so it becomes a loss since you may have needed concentration to deal with some duties. Once the euphoric effect has come it, the focus must be forgotten.

It may cause nausea

Taking kratom tea may also cause nausea. This is very common if you prepare the tea with too much kratom powder or when you take the tea on an empty stomach. This means that you got the power to either call for that effect or to avoid it. You do not need to suffer such a side effect when you got food to eat. Ensure you eat before you drink your kratom tea. It is actually for your good. At the same time, ensure you prepare the tea with the right quantity of kratom powder based on your dosage.

It may lead to addiction

Kratom tea is, but other beverages are as well excellent. Most users find it very difficult to shift from kratom tea to other drinks like coffee, cocoa, or turmeric tea. As a user, therefore, before you get to this level, try balancing your tea intake. At times take cocoa or coffee and take kratom tea some other times. This is one of the ways to avoid being addicted to kratom tea. Once you get addicted, slowly you will even forget about other foodstuffs.

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