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Super Green Malay Kratom: The Mild But Long Lasting Energy Drink

Usage & Effects
Super Green Malay Kratom: The Mild But Long Lasting Energy Drink

Super green Malay kratom is another strain in the world of kratom that’s changing many users’ mind. If you’ve never used this strain before, it’s time to give it a try.

In the following section, learn more about this strain, its dosage, and effects.

Extraction Process

So, why is this strain called super?

The super in the name is due to the harvesting technique used. Native folks from Malaysia harvest mature kratom leaves that have larger sizes than the average leaves.

These people believe that the amount of alkaloids in these leaves is higher than the amount found in smaller leaves.

From the manual inspection of the leaves, the extraction process includes drying and pulverizing.

Effects of the Super Green Malay

Super Green Malay Kratom: The Mild But Long Lasting Energy Drink

Despite its name, this strain is a mild one. What?! Indeed, this strain is not the same with the Maeng Da varieties or the Bali strains.

Then, what makes it different from other strains? Users claim that it’s 10% better than the other kratom varieties.

Think of this way:

Early morning, you take the super Malay kratom at the appropriate dose for your body and desired effect.

You feel that surge of energy but not similar to Maeng Da with a burst of energy. It’s quite mild. You might even feel disappointed but didn’t drink another dose.

Instead, you go out and work to your office. After lunch, you expected to become drowsy and overwhelmed with the stress at work.

However, you don’t feel that way. You look around and see your co-workers trying to fight off sleepiness while others are trying to stay on top and managing stress poorly.

You realize that it’s the super green kratom still at work in your system. You feel the surge of positive energy you’ve never felt before. Amazingly, the super in the green Malay helps you a lot, more than your expectations.

That’s how the super green Malay kratom differs from other strains.

  • It keeps you energized all day long.
  • It helps your mind be clear and free of anxiety.
  • It aids you in maintaining a positive outlook in life.


Due to its mild effects on your body, it’s okay to take as high as 5 grams on the first try. However, if you’re hesitant on taking a high dose, you can always start low. Starting low is recommended if you have a low tolerance level.

Some users went as high as 11 grams but found that the effect is the same with a 5-gram dose.

This strain is slow acting. It may be mild to a moderate strain, but its effect lasts longer than 6 hours.

That’s why many people who have stressful jobs resort to taking kratom to keep their energy for more than 6 hours.

Due to its mild effect, overdose is unlikely to happen.

Who should take this strain?

  • People with stressful jobs
  • People who think they have low energy all the time
  • People who feel anxious about simple tasks

When is the right time to take this strain?

The right time is early morning before you go to work. You can substitute your morning coffee with this strain to help you throughout a busy day.

The effect is not actually in the onset of taking the kratom but hours after you take the first dose. It’s like a slow-release medication.

Alternatively, you can take this kratom at least two to three hours before a big event. For example, you’re attending a companywide event at around 7 pm. Before going to the event, take green Malay.

While others are preventing a yawn, you’d be ready to party and mingle with the big bosses.

Comparison with Other Varieties

Of all the green veins out there, this strain is the mildest. Don’t expect a big-bang kind of effect.

This strain is still the mildest compared to other white veined strains. White veins offer stronger boost on energy than the super green. However, white strains don’t last long enough to keep your head high.

Super green is like an endurance athlete. It keeps going until the finish line.

Final Thoughts

Super green Malay kratom is a mild strain with a punch. It keeps you moving and 10% better than anybody else in the room. It’s slow acting but effects last longer than your expectations.

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