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Terms of Service

Our solid team at Kratom Cabin upholds a great relationship with new and frequent viewers by unceasingly maintaining a user-friendly and informative website that will support all of our viewer’s concerns, from information to reviews about the wonderful herb, Kratom.

We want to provide exceptional service to our viewers; hence, we are doing everything we can to provide each viewer the convenience they are all yearning. We make sure that all our viewers are provided with reliable information about the benefits and usage of Kratom. We understand that misleading information can worsen everything, leading our viewers’ health at risk and we want to prevent that from happening.

We also aim to provide further knowledge to our users which is why aside from necessary information, we also publish fun and interesting Kratom topics that tackle more than just its origin or uses. We also share some tips to make your Kratom journey more exciting, and we also publish fair reviews of Kratom brands and vendors for our viewer’s reference.

Our team is working hard to maintain a convenient website to be a multi-purpose source for our viewers. We appreciate your time in checking out our contents, but we need to let you know about our terms and conditions in using our content as you access our website.

We assure all our viewers that we keep our terms and condition timely and we are hoping you’d take the time to read our privacy policies carefully before exploring our website further. Should there be any disagreements, then we’ll advise you to discontinue using our website for reference.

In addition, if you have further concerns, you can let us know all your queries on our “Contact Us” page, and we’d be more than happy to help you out.

We Protect Every Child’s Privacy as a Responsible Kratom Source

Kratom is advantageous alternative medicine, and this is why it is widely used by people nowadays. As it’s being recognized as an effective reliever on certain physical and mental conditions, the number of Kratom sources all over the internet is growing. One click can reach thousands of viewers in a minute, and of course, some viewers include young audiences.

As a responsible Kratom source, our team is securing the privacy of children. We would definitely want to share good words about Kratom and its benefits to a lot of people, but we are very strict when it comes to influencing children. Viewers can definitely rely on us in promoting the restriction of our informative content to children.

As a responsible team, we are here to make a clear statement that our website is certainly not created and maintained to fascinate young audiences who are not recommended to use Kratom. We clearly state that we don’t publish informative articles to draw the attention of children with ages under 13 years old.

Our website is also not asking for any personal information just to prove if a person is at the right age or not because we want to secure all our viewers’ information as they access our website. Moreover, to prevent children from accessing our website on the browser, we highly suggest you set the security settings to prevent any child from accessing our website content.

We Serve as Your Kratom Source and Not Your Medical Doctors

We guarantee you our 100% support when it comes to Kratom; hence, this is why we consistently improve our website for further convenience, easy-to-navigate website interface, and useful blog contents. Furthermore, our team will continuously uphold steadfast and unbiased information from accurate feedback from Kratom users and vendors around the globe to make sure all our viewers are well-guided.

We will always provide further assistance for all your concerns about Kratom, but we just want to clear things out between our team and our viewers; we are not here to provide medical advice.

We certainly aim to be one of the most recognized Kratom sources to new and existing Kratom users by publishing reliable Kratom blog articles, but all of our website’s published posts are solely for information alone, no more and no less. We are strictly restricting our published articles for medical use, medication, and advice.

We are clearly stating in this section that we are not part of any professional medical team. We highly recommend our viewers to seek advice from any health experts or physicians if you’re having thoughts in using it as your medical aid, given that it’s considered as alternative medicine. We would also advise our viewers to tell their doctors not to use our content as their medical references.

As we are also just providing reliable blog articles about Kratom for information alone, we highly recommend our viewers to disregard the use of these articles if there is no consultation coming from doctors. We want to be clear in this statement that we will not be held liable for any adverse effect due to the lack of consultation.

Clarification About the Kratom Content We Are Providing

We want all Kratom users to visit our website continuously. Therefore, we at Kratom Cabin provides authorization to every new and frequent viewer in accessing the blog contents of our convenient website. We are authorizing our users to download a copy, if they prefer to, from our website. We are authorizing any visitors to access our website as long as the contents remain for personal use only. We strictly restrict all our contents for commercial use.

We are requesting our viewers to coordinate with our privacy policies; to not share our website contents to other websites without letting our team know. We include a copyright notice on every content for viewers to be reminded of.

As we reserve all copyright regulations under the United States, and also under foreign laws, any viewers who’ll violate our policies will have their permission to be automatically dismissed.

We aim to provide exceptional service to our viewers continuously. We are hoping for all of you to meet us halfway by complying with our terms and agreements.