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What to Know About Growing Kratom on Your Own

What to Know About Growing Kratom on Your Own

It might look tricky to grow a kratom plant all on your own, but it is possible to do it all by yourself. As long as you belong to a kratom legal state, you can have your own kratom growing in your backyard. However, there are certain steps you need to follow when it comes to growing a kratom plant.

This article will show you tips in growing kratom by yourself. This article will also show how to maintain the kratom plant to help it reach maturity.

Where Did Kratom Come From? Where Does It Grow?

What to Know About Growing Kratom on Your Own

Kratom comes from the plant Mitragyna speciosa. This is a plant that’s related to coffee and favored for the high alkaloid content it gives when consumed.

Kratom does take a lot of factors for it to reach maturity. Many kratom plants grow by the side of riverbeds. These are also plants that cannot survive in temperate climates.

The kratom plant originated from parts of Southeast Asia. This tropical evergreen plant grows in the following countries:

  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Papua New Guinea

Growing kratom is something the natives here did for centuries. They were the only ones to consume kratom before. Today, different parts of the world can have access to it.

Finding a vendor who can sell a live kratom plant is uncommon, but still possible. Keep your eyes out and take a look at any new kratom vendor that pops up. They might give you the means to have your very own kratom plant to own someday.

What Does It Take to Grow Kratom in Your Backyard?

Having your own kratom plant in your backyard can be an expensive gardening hobby. Still, it can be a rewarding experience to grow your own source of kratom. Here are some of the methods on how you can grow a kratom plant:

  • Planting several seeds in one pot or plot
  • Using kratom cuttings
  • Buying a potted kratom plant

Getting a mature kratom plant right off the bat can save you a lot of money and time. If you bought a plant already, put it in a large pot to give its roots air to grow.

You need very fresh seeds so one kratom plant can grow. Remember, it takes planting several fresh seeds of kratom for one plant to mature.

Another way to get your own kratom plant is to grow them from a kratom cutting or a cloned kratom. Get a cut from the very tip of a kratom branch where the stem and the leaves are green. Make sure you get your cutting between the second and third nodes of the plant.

Don’t make a cut from a stem with white spots on them. These white spots show that part is turning more into a kratom plant. A new kratom plant won’t grow roots from this part.

Factors Necessary to Growing Kratom Plants

Kratom plants are herbs that need a lot to grow into maturity. Here are the essential tools a kratom plant needs to keep it from dying:

  • Good soil feeding
  • Sunlight
  • Humidity
  • Frequent Watering

The soil is necessary for growing kratom plants. The soil kratom plants need is hard to come by in temperate climates.

Commercial soil isn’t something you should feed a kratom plant. You would want to feed your kratom plant with soil that is rich in humus and fertilizer.

Kratom soil also needs a lot of water. Be careful not to overwater kratom in their seed or seedling stage. This might drown the plant and can yield the growth of unwanted fungal matter.

If your plant is still in the seed stages, you don’t need to give it sunlight. Only introduce it to direct sunlight once the seeds pop out their first set of buds. You can use fluorescent or LED lights if you want to expose the leaves with more light.

The plant must be in a place with a good humidity level to yield good leaves for harvesting. If this is tough to achieve outdoors, you can always move the kratom plant into a greenhouse.

It can take one full year for kratom seeds to grow into a mature plant. You will know that the kratom is ready to harvest when some of the leaves fall off on their own.

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