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What to Know When You Plan to Buy Kratom Capsules With MasterCard

What to Know When You Plan to Buy Kratom Capsules With MasterCard

When you are a new user, you might be excited to buy kratom capsules with MasterCard at the drop of the hat. For this reason, you surf online to find that most kratom vendors only accepting other forms of payments but credit cards or debit cards. You might be pondering of the reasons why.

Kratom Controversy

Even though kratom provides tons of benefits, a lot of people are still worried about the possible negative and dangerous effects of this herb. There were cases of deaths that were linked to kratom usage even though the researchers themselves could not directly point out that the deaths were due to the kratom consumption.

Aside from that, some people fear that consuming kratom may lead to addiction. They think that just because kratom can provide the high that is similar to opium, they conclude that it can be as addictive and dangerous too.

Sadly, the government agencies like the DEA and FDA seem to be not supportive of kratom usage even the herb is legal on the federal level in the United States. Several figures are taking the initiative to pursue the banning of this herb.

On the brighter side, there are some people who are aware of the benefits of kratom. They offer testimonials that can prove the efficacy of kratom on their personal well-being. Also, there is an organization, the American Kratom Association, which advocates and supports the kratom usage. This organization keeps a close observation to ensure that kratom stays legal in the USA.

The researchers may have found that there was a link between kratom and the negative effects in some of the death cases. However, they still could not place the blame on the users’ kratom consumption because it was possible that these users used other substances too.

The vagueness of the kratom’s benefits and side effects and the lack of evidence to prove its dangerous effects are the main reasons why kratom is still legal in most states in the US. However, it is still a fact that kratom is controversial and unsupported by most of the government agencies.

Can You Buy Kratom Capsules With MasterCard?

What to Know When You Plan to Buy Kratom Capsules With MasterCard

Currently, there are still a few merchants that still offer credit cards or debit cards as a part of their payment methods. However, you have to search thoroughly through the Internet. It is also inadvisable to use this method to pay for your kratom to prevent possible future problems for both of you and the seller.

One kratom seller had already experienced a tragic downfall because of the usage of MasterCard as a form of payment. This seller gets a negative balance in his bank account because he had to pay a huge fine to the Bank of America. Until now, he is still struggling to get a zero balance.

Other sellers also prove how strict and observant the MasterCard and Visa are. Some of them say that even though you are selling legal products, these two companies could easily make your business seem like you do with just a push of a button. They may not ask the merchants to remove their kratom products, but these big companies can expose the vendors to a lot of pressure.

It is not surprising to see that the merchants who are still offering Visa or MasterCard as parts of their payment methods are commonly the ones who do not sell through their website. These merchants only use their website to communicate with their clients.

Are the FDA and Credit Card Companies Working Together?

It is possible that FDA and MasterCard or Visa can conspire together but there is no way to prove it. Just the mere fact that the DEA has been itching to put kratom to the list of controlled substance is already enough reason to make the credit card companies become more cautious. Right now, kratom is just a part of the DEA’s Drug of Concern’s list.

Other Payment Methods That You Can Use

Here are the other payment method options used by kratom vendors.

  • E-check
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Cash-on-Delivery

Some vendors are also offering Paypal, Square, and Stripe, but these payment methods are still risky. For this reason, you can choose among the three options listed above which are the best selections than buy kratom capsules with MasterCard. If you are to choose which among the three is the safest and the most practical, select the e-check.

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