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What You Need to Understand About Akuamma Erowid

Usage & Effects
What You Need to Understand About Akuamma Erowid

The akuamma is a native plant of Africa, particularly in the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria. Traditional African medicine uses it to treat different diseases. The akuamma erowid contains various alkaloids comparable to mitragynine and yohimbine.

Alkaloids Present in Akuamma Seeds

  •    Akuammidine

It is the principal alkaloid of akuamma and is similar to yohimbine and mitragynine. It has analgesic, hypotensive, and muscle relaxant properties. The analgesic property is thrice as potent as codeine.

  •    Akuammine

Akuammine is responsible for mu-opioid binding. It is as potent as cocaine in its analgesic properties. If you take it in higher doses, it may hamper the intestines’ movement and may even cause hypertensive effects.

  •    Akuammicine – It is responsible for kappa-opioid binding.
  •    Pseudoakuammigine – It has potent anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, and analgesic effects. If you take it in low dosage, it produces excitement. If in high dosage, it modulates skeletal muscle and smooth muscle contraction, the central nervous system, and respiration.
  •    Akuammigine – It has anti-adrenergic properties on the blood vessels, heart, and the regulatory center of the blood circulation system.
  •    Pericine – It is responsible for the mu-opioid binding, and has convulsant properties. It can also cause involuntary muscle contractions.
  •    Other akuamma alkaloids include picraphylline, picraline, picranitine, picraciine, desacetylakuammiline, and burnamin.

Benefits Provided by Akuamma Erowid

  •    Pain Reliever

The seeds can combat the pain caused by lupus erythematosus, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and migraine. They are better than opiates because they have close to nil addiction profile and have no withdrawal side effects.

Moreover, since it is all natural, you experience minimal side effects.

If you want to take the seeds for muscle pain, you can take two seeds each day. You will feel the effects within 30 minutes. Most users, however, report that the seed is not as potent as kratom.

  •    Relaxing and soothing properties

If you take the seeds, you will feel a particular calming and relaxing effect overall. Some users also use them to combat panic attacks.

  •    Sedating effect

If you have insomnia or nightmares, the akuamma seeds can help you gain a restful sleep. You must take them before bedtime to achieve the calming effect within an hour.

  •    Anti-Malaria

The bark, fruit, and seeds have anti-malarial properties. The alkaloids akuammine and alstonine are potent against malaria, especially the Falciparum strain.

  •    Anti-Parasite

The seeds are potent against the Trypanosoma protozoa that can cause Chagas disease, African sleeping sickness, and Leishmaniasis.

  •    Anti-Diabetes

Akuammicine, an alkaloid present in akuamma seeds, have anti-diabetes properties. It reduces blood glucose levels by promoting its cells uptake.

Comparison Between Kratom and Akuamma Seeds

Both the akuamma seeds and kratom is opiate receptor agonist. They offer stress release, anti-depression, pain relieving, immune boosting, and energy boosting effects. Moreover, they influence kappa, delta, and mu receptors too.

But, the akuamma has a milder effect than kratom. Kratom has at least 1,500 kinds of alkaloids; thus, it is more potent than the akuamma. On the other hand, the akuamma provides a stable and long-lasting effect.

Akuamma Products

What You Need to Understand About Akuamma Erowid

  •    Tincture

Instead of the powdered seeds, you can mix the tincture into your food or put it in your smoothie or juice. It also has a strong taste like the seeds.

You can use up to two droppers full of tincture per usage. It is advisable to consult your doctor before you decide to use it.

  •    Capsule

Since the seeds are bitter, you cannot take akuamma even in tea form. But, you can consume it in capsule form. You can use up to 1 gram of akuamma capsule per dose.

Because akuamma is an opioid agonist, you must exercise caution in using it, especially in large dosages. You must not mix it with other hypotensive drugs, sedatives, and painkillers. Also, if you are pregnant or trying to be pregnant, you must avoid it because it is a contraceptive.

Akuamma Side Effects

  •    Nausea
  •    Upset stomach
  •    A headache

Not everyone experiences these side effects. So, if you want to try the akuamma, you may or may not experience them.

Like any drug, you must ensure that you do not overdose on akuamma. You can gain the optimum health benefits even without overdosing.

Although the side effects are not lethal, you must ensure that you do not use more than 10 grams of akuamma erowid in one dosing.

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