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Who Made it to the List of Top Kratom Vendors of 2018?

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Who Made it to the List of Top Kratom Vendors of 2018?

Kratom has been a controversial plant-based supplement as of today. Since it has not been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (although steps have been taken towards kratom’s regularization), there is very little consistency in quality between one kratom vendor’s wares to another. Falling prey to a pricey but poor quality kratom is a common experience.

To aid you in navigating the kratom trade waters, this guide compiles the most recommended kratom vendors of 2018.

  • Happy Hippo Herbals – among the top kratom vendors is the “Super Happy Customer Service” of Happy Hippo Herbals. They’re known for their reasonable prices, same day shipping and various payment methods that include bitcoin! They even have discounts in place for non-credit card holders.

Happy Hippo boasts selling both powder and capsule forms of kratom, but what sets them apart from other vendors is the consistent quality of the same. They sell fresh kratom, not older than 2 months and donate to the American Kratom Association. Their products are nicely categorized according to potency and effects and even offer sampler packs for you to try.

Here are their current kratom strains:

    • Slow leaves (for relaxation) – different Bali strains; Indo super yellow; Sumatra red and yellow; Horned super red and white; super white Hulu; Malaysian fire red and horned dark red
    • Moderate leaves (balanced) – Indo strains super green and red; Malaysian super white and ultra green; Borneo super green; Maeng Da Emerald; Java green; Sumatra white
    • Fast leaves (energizing) – Maeng Da strains: gold, white, red, elite green, smooth green; Malaysian Super diamond, superior white, Red Dragon Bali, Viet special golden, Thai green atomic

Who Made it to the List of Top Kratom Vendors of 2018?

  • Coastline Kratom – another high-quality kratom vendor, they boast a “money-back” guarantee and free shipping. Known for their consistent products and responsive customer service, they also have a professional and easy-to-navigate website.

Coastline Kratom also offers LIVE KRATOM PLANTS for sale! Its selection may not be as wide as Happy Hippo, but they are said to be of great quality with reviews posted on their site for others to see. Here are the strains available at their online store:

    • Bali strains – red and white
    • Borneo strains – green, red and ultra enhanced red
    • Horned strains – red, ultra enhanced red and white
    • Maeng Da – red, ultra enhanced red, white
    • Malay strains – green and ultra enhanced green
    • Beginner’s pack
  • Gaia Ethnobotanical – said to be one of the top kratom vendors on the market, it has been rated highly among customers for its low price yet quality products. They boast a wide variety of kratom in capsule, powder and even pure extract forms. They also offer 20% discount to those who will use crypto currency.

Aside from their site, you can also check out more information and customer feedback on their Facebook page as well as their rating of 4.7 (as of October 2018). Their site categorizes kratom by the color rather than the place of the strains and in what form these come in:

    • Powder forms of Gold, red, Bali, white, yellow, maeng da, kratom blends, and kratom samplers
    • Capsule forms of Bali gold, Bali green, maeng da green, maeng da gold, green horn, green Kapuas, green Thai, green Malay. It also has kratom blends: kalm nootropic blend, bliss mood enhancer, kratom #1, kratom #7
    • Powdered extract of maeng da gold and maeng da black diamond
  • Special mentions – Of course, there are many other vendors of kratom that may not be mentioned as often as the three above but have made positive strides on their own.
    • PurKratom features an informative website complete with a tab for lab results! They sell both capsule and powder forms of kratom, and they also have free shipping, same day shipping, and a money-back guarantee. They also have a review tab with their customer’s honest feedback.
    • Top Extracts is a company that not only sells kratom but other plant-based organic supplements as well.
    • Herbal Salvation is another recommended seller of kratom and other natural supplements like Top Extracts.
    • KratomCrazy only has a few strains, but users have rated these as high. You can check their sites for the rating of each individual item.

This article can serve as your guide, but remember that in purchasing anything online, be sure to check your sources and read the reviews.

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